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Delicious and Entertaining Wedding Buffet Caterer for Noosa

They make it look so easy on TV. You make a few calls, get the bride to choose from pre-selected options, and then everything comes together at the last minute to create the beautiful wedding of her dreams. When you agreed to plan your sister’s wedding in Noosa, you quickly learned it’s not so easy. For one, you are the one that must come up with all the pre-selected options. Getting her to pick wedding colours already took the better part of three weeks. There are so many decisions you never thought of, for example, does she want a caterer to provide full service or a buffet? While we can’t pick out the bridesmaids’ dresses, The Spit Roast Company catering will provide the best wedding buffet caterer in Noosa. We prepare delectable, picture-perfect menus on-site, guaranteeing freshness and irresistible fragrance.

When you book with The Spit Roast Company, your day is our priority. Unlike companies who book multiple events in a day thus thinning out their quality resources, we schedule one event allowing our finely-tuned team to keep your celebration a top priority. Instead of using a buffet caterer at a Noosa wedding to cover up low staffing, we are a buffet wedding caterer available for Noosa events that provides mouth-watering slow-cooked food adorned with beautiful fruit carvings exclusive to The Spit Roast Company. We bring our spit roast and all your catering needs; our chef will even perform live carvings for your guests’ enjoyment.


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