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Wedding Venues,not over the Top

Sunday, October 15, 2017 | Kelsey Sawyer

Wedding venues: it’s about subtle, not over the top

flowers & long tables:

Round tables are out! Long, banquet-style tables are on the rise as couples encourage guests to mingle and chat. 

“We’re seeing the demise of the humble chair cover and, to some extent the typical function chair,” says Mary-Anne Lowe from Bram Leigh Receptions and Linley Estate. “Couples seem to be choosing something like an elegant Tiffany Chair type seat because, today, couples are after something a little more upmarket rather than opting for the bows and frou frou that was a hallmark of wedding receptions a few years ago.

“Generally, the theming is very sleek, rather than over the top and couples are choosing one or two items that will truly enhance their overall wedding theme and style rather than having it featured in every single wedding-related item.”

Styling: Flowers, flowers, everywhere – and lots of lights!

Styling has become increasingly important to couples”, I say “Couples seem to be placing a lot more emphasis on the aesthetics of their wedding reception, especially when it comes to their flowers, which are a huge focus at the moment.

“Hanging installations of both flowers and Chandeliers are becoming a lot more common as couples seek that ‘wow’ effect and impact as guests arrive, and dramatic and grand floral displays are much more in demand.”


We’ve noticed there’s also been a marked shift away from traditional round wedding tables towards long, banquet style tables that “show that weddings for Gen Y, in particular, are more of a celebration and a get together of friends and family rather than a formal event.

“Long tables enable more socialising and conversation as you don’t have to shout across a big round table to chat with the person sitting opposite you!”

 “Traditionally, a couple first see each other when one is standing at the top of the aisle, but I’ve noticed many more couples wanting to have this very special moment to themselves, in private, together, rather than in front of lots of people.”


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