6 Little known wedding origin historical facts

• The word ‘groom’ is, likely, from the Old English word ‘guma’ which means ‘man’.

• Similarly, the word ‘bride,’ likely, has its roots in the Proto-Indo-European word ‘weip,’ which means to turn, twist or wrap.

 • A recent survey showed that trust was the essential element for most couples in a marriage. Trust was considered more important than friendship, forgiveness, sex, laughter and compatibility.

 • The level of a person’s education tends to influence how old they are when they marry. In American states with more university-educated couples, the age of marriage is higher than in states with lower levels of education.

• Traditionally, the date of a Hindu wedding was chosen using astrological calculations. Many modern Indian couples still follow this beguiling ancient tradition.

 • In ancient Rome, bridesmaids (and groomsmen) were included in the wedding party to act as decoys. They would dress like the bride and groom in the hope of confusing evil spirits who may wish the couple ill health and unhappiness.

 • Ever wondered why the bride and groom’s families sit on opposite sides at a wedding ceremony? Because, in days when marriages were arranged to unite warring houses, families had to be separated to avoid potential bloodshed!

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