Your Engaged, Now what!!

You’re Engaged, Now What? You’re Engaged, Now What? Where to Start… Some may say choosing a date is the first step in planning your wedding, others advise creating your guest list as top priority and some say you must pick your location before anything else. Truth is, any of those could be your first step … Read more

Metallic cake trends

The Metallic Wedding Cake Trends | Our Top Picks on the Sunshine Coast Even the most traditional brides are falling head over heels in love with the metallic trend that has razzle-dazzled its way into the wedding cake industry. And who could blame them?!  Metallic details and accents are one of the hottest trends right … Read more

Buffet Dilemas, decisions, decisions decisions!!!

Once you have agreed to have a buffet you may think the difficult decisions have been made, but there are still a few buffet dilemmas you might face. Here are three common wedding buffet dilemmas: Dilemma 1: Finger Food Platters or fork buffet? The names of these two distinct buffet types are fairly self explanatory. A finger … Read more

Why not have a Hawaiian Wedding

The atmosphere, granted, is very festive but it also creates great entertainment for your guests right throughout the entire evening.  Decorating, is made easy as Hawaiian Decorations are easily purchased online and in most of the $2 shops on the Coast.  Pineapples hollowed out with candles inside, Buffet with Palm fronds and colourful leis, Hawaiian … Read more

Wedding Myths Busted 3rd Article

DIY is always cheaper When you’re working to a tighter budget, it’s temping to think that DIY is the answer to all of your problems, whether it’s doing your own bouquets, making your own stationery suite or creating your own favours. But, price things out and you may discover that by the time you factor … Read more

Wedding Myths. Brides surveyed

You will cry – a lot There seems to be an expectation that the bride and groom will both tear up on their journey towards “I do”. And for many couples that can be the case as they get caught up in the emotion of moments such as trying on your wedding gown for the … Read more

Weding Budget, who pays for what?

THE WEDDING BUDGET:  Who pays for what? A question that a lot of couples ask themselves when planning their wedding is who pays for what? These days there is nothing set in stone as to who pays for what.  A good idea would be to sit down with both sets of parents separately, to discuss this matter … Read more

Croquembouche great alternative to Wedding Cake

A croquembouche or croque-en-bouche is a French dessert consisting of choux pastry balls piled into a cone and bound with threads of spun sugar and caramel, commonly served in Italy for Weddings and other religious special occasions. But gaining Popularity here in Australia. We have experienced a great local baker from Crust Bakery with 5 … Read more

9 Wedding Costs most couples forget about.

Pulling off the perfect wedding is all about organisation – and planning, right down to the colour of the bridesmaids’ nails and who will be carting home all the wedding presents at the end of your big day. But, no matter how organised a couple may be, there will always be a few little somethings … Read more

Wedding Lanterns & decorative party supplies

Welcome, This is for those who are decorating a hall, or marquee, or even an open spaced area. I have just discovered a fantastic wedding & party supply shop. They have organza, ribbons, themed party decorations, lighting, table decorations, water beads, its a never ending selection.  I usually wonder where most brides find their decorations … Read more