Stress-Free Catering in Buderim

When you’re planning an event, putting plans together can be overwhelming. Getting all of the elements require organised and delivered on time can be stressful even for the most organised amongst us. The Spit Roast Catering Company offers a range of catering options in Buderim and the surrounds. Our team of seasoned caterers will guide you through the food-planning process, then take the reins, and provide a seamless, stress-free buffet-style meal service for your guest taking the pressure off you. We’ll show up hours early with our full team (including a Food Safety Supervisor) and our spit roaster to prepare your meal fresh on-site. We rely on fresh and responsibly sourced ingredients to make our meals from scratch and book one event per day to ensure that we dedicate all attention, detail, and resources to catering your Buderim gathering.

Our Chef, Darren, revels in creativity allowing us to offer catering menus that feature a full roasted pig decorated with flowers and filled with herbs and spices that create an irresistible mouth-watering aroma. Accent your Buderim buffet with freshly carved fruit or create a beautiful platter for guests to eat. When we provide catering to your event in Buderim, we ensure that the family is not bothered by cooking or the dreaded responsibility of clean-up. The Spit Roast Company takes the stress out of large-group food service so that everyone can enjoy their time together.

New- Antipasto Grazing Table: Available $9.95 pp

  • Exquisite range of handcrafted Artisan Cheeses hard & Soft Triple cream Bries
  • Antipasto:  Sundried Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts, Olives green, Black, Sicilian, Spanish, Dried Fruit apricots, pears, variety nuts, Rosemary, salt crackers, Fig & almond artisan, & Water crackers.   Truffle & Cacciatore Salamis, Spiced Kabana, Chocolate, Baby dill cucumbers, Balsamic Onions, Yellow Banana, & Red long Chillies, Flowers, all served on timber & slate serving boards etc

Topped up by staff, constantly.