Do Brides give positive reviews to their Caterers often enough

We find in the general catering industry, that although brides are very happy with their Caterer’s performance on the night, they may say thanks on the night, but forget that the written testimonial is greatly valued by all the people that pull off the most brilliant night of their life.  It’s no mean feat. 

Behind the scenes, a delicate dance, of timing, problem solving, and excellence in performance, a balancing act, meshing all the elements together in order to produce a seamless night.

All the contracted wedding experts, pull together, and create your night with what seems little effort.

All we ask  is for positive feedback to showcase other brides, what we can do, and how seamless the night went.

Comments on the food displays, efficiency of staff, every confidence you had in us, would you recommend us to other brides, ease in making the booking, friendly & helpful staff towards your guests, guest compliments of the meal, excellent staff presentation, anything that you particularly liked on the night. 

If you liked our service, tell others, if you don’t, tell us, so that we can restore & improve our service.

Warm Regards

The Spit Roast Company