Venues, Venues, & more Venues on a budget

For Brides on a budget, Marquees and loads of party hire can cost a fortune, I know because I am planning a wedding for the family for the last year.

But the good news is that we have been too, and catered for Weddings, at some of the best rustic halls, filled with atmosphere and facilities, available on the Sunshine Coast.

Hire of such halls range from $100.00 to $500.00 for the Weekend, isn’t that great.  It gives you time to come in the day before, and set up at your own pace so there’s no mad rush or exorbitant extra charges that you get from Council run Venues, beware of their hourly rates, whew!! right through the roof.

Just visit our Venues Page and look for the *5 Star* Recommended Halls they are out there. We are Wedding Caterers on the Sunshine Coast.

The areas to look for are Montville,Mapleton, Obi Obi, Kureelpa, Ridgewood, Verrierdale to name a few. These are privately hired by locals and lovingly cared for by locals.

see you for my next lot of gems.

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