Don’t Settle for Anything but the Best on Your Special Day. Call This Wedding Caterer Near Montville and the Hinterlands

It’s never easy organising a wedding for the first time. Unless you’re a bride who happens to be a wedding planner, you’ve likely never done this before. With so many things to prepare – venue, entertainment, music, seating, food – it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and stressed. How can you be expected to plan the perfect wedding when you’ve never had to do it before? What you need is an ally, someone with years of experience who can help you with every step of the planning and be there for you on your wedding day. You definitely shouldn’t be stressing out over the food schedule when you’re about to recite your vows.

The Spit Roast Company can be that ally. As a premier wedding caterer in the Montville area, we can help you with every detail and handle your “Order of the Day” to ensure you get everything just the way you want it on your special day. After all, you’ve dreamt about your perfect wedding since you were young. You deserve to have it.

Highlighted by a fantastic menu selection crafted by our Head Chef, The Spit Roast Company has become one of the top wedding caterers in Montville. We’ve handled many weddings, and our experienced staff knows how to adhere to a day’s minute-by-minute schedule. You won’t have to stress about any of it!

For a one-hour consultation to discuss your wedding needs, call us on 07 5477 1650. We look forward to helping you with your special day.

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