Wedding Catering on the Sunshine Coast: It’s All About the Bride (and the Food)

Everyone knows that the bride is the focus of the Big Day. Her dress, her hair, her gorgeous smile. Every guest at your wedding will be focused on you. What’s the next best part of the day, though, that most guests will talk about later, to all their friends? The food. The right wedding food can make or break your event. You need to entrust your menu to the right people, who have the proper experience and focus to ensure a successful day. The Spit-Roast-Company-Catering
offers incredible wedding catering on the Sunshine Coast. We book only one event per day, so you always get our full attention. We love weddings, and nothing brings us more joy than helping you celebrate the happiest day of your life. Spit-Roast-Catering what a great idea, so simple & elegant, yet satisfying for all.

From the very beginning, we craft a wedding buffet with exactly the details you want. From our signature spit roasts meats with gravy carefully prepared from the juices of the meats themselves to a stunning carved fruit display and freshly made salads with homemade dressing, you’ll have a choice of the most delicious food in the area. Utilising our gleaming stainless steel roasters and the creativity of our very own Head Chef, we’ll prepare mouth-watering delights that will keep your guests talking about long after the occasion. In our Lavish Wedding Buffet, carved meats with intense flavour follow savoury hors-d’oeuvres and hand-made salads. Wedding catering on the Sunshine Coast doesn’t get more delicious than The Spit-Roast-Company-Catering.

See us on Big Review TV at a recent Outdoor Wedding:

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