Weding Budget, who pays for what?

THE WEDDING BUDGET:  Who pays for what?

A question that a lot of couples ask themselves when planning their wedding is who pays for what?

These days there is nothing set in stone as to who pays for what.  A good idea would be to sit down with both sets of parents separately, to discuss this matter prior to setting your budget. 

I have noticed that in recent years, both sides of the family have given the Couple a set amount of $$$ that they can afford, each, and the couple have to work within that budget, or pay for any extras not covered by the gift of money, themselves.

Money at the best of times can be a delicate issue, especially if one side of the family cannot afford to gift as much as the other side of the family, therefore understanding and gentle communication is very important, especially as this can be a catalyst for angst between the families, and opinions are formed. Disharmony occurs, which causes stress on the couple to be.

So tread carefully, when speaking about this delicate issue, for a better result.

Traditionally there are silent rules regarding who pays for what. They are set out as follows:

 The Bride’s family:

 Pre wedding parties and announcements

Bridal gowns and accessories


The reception

Wedding décor and floral arrangements

Transportation for the bride and her party

Wedding photographer/videographer

Wedding cake

The Bride:

Wedding gift for the groom and thank you gifts for the bridesmaids

The Groom:

Wedding gift for the bride

Engagement ring and wedding rings

Thank you gifts for the groomsmen

Ceremonial fees


Corsages and buttonholes

Transportation for the groom and groomsmen

Wedding night accommodation and honeymoon

 However whether you are going with tradition or not, you will want to have a clear understanding of who is paying for what.