Our Free One Hour Consultation Will Make Your Wedding Day A Dream.

Meet one of our expert staff for a free wedding consultation and in just sixty minutes, we’ll devise the perfect buffet style catering plan for your wedding day, incorporating all of what you want, and none of what you don’t. This offer is for booked clients.

Here’s a few of the subjects we’ll cover during the consult:

What’s your budget?

The first and most important question. Once we know this, we can work with you to create a wonderful day, keeping the budget under control. You’ll be surprised where we can make savings to give you the best experience possible.

What would you like to serve your guests?

Choose from our tantalizing hot and cold finger food menus or our lavish wedding buffet menu. Take your time and select the dishes your guests will most enjoy. Make sure you let us know about any special dietary needs.

Would you like to serve alcohol at your event?

We are approved to supply liquor at private homes/venues so talk to us about our liquor package delivered directly to your function.  Save yourself the trouble of running around and let us do the work for you.

Where will your wedding take place?

Our passionate and dedicated teams are very flexible and have successfully produced delicious food for many people in all kinds of venues, both indoor and out. The key to our successful on site catering service is proper planning and consultation with you, our customer, so please let us know everything you can about the location including power availability, space limitations and wet weather alternatives.

How many staff do you require?

Once we know how many guests you are entertaining and what’s on the menu, our staff can work out how many people will be needed on the day to prepare and serve. If you require extra assistance from wait staff or bar staff, just advise.

How do you want the day to play out?

Timing is crucial, and at a wedding there’s always lots going on. Talk our experts through the day so we can serve at an appropriate time, without getting in the way of photos or speeches or dancing. Normally our staff will arrive at the venue 3.5 to 4 hours before the event. This gives them plenty of time for set up, preparation, cooking and decoration (if applicable).

Once we know everything you want, our experts can get to work, planning the running order of your day, fulfilling your menu requirements and ensuring all your special requests are noted. It’s sixty minutes verywell spent. Contact us now to make a booking for your consultation and start planning your day.