Fruit and Herb decorated Whole Spit Roasted Pig

This is one of our specialties, The Whole Fruit & Herb decorated pig. The meat falls of the bones, so tender.  Out of all our offerings, this has to be the best way to spit roast Pork. The whole skin becomes crackling, so there is plenty for all. Ideal for Weddings, or Hawaiian Buffets and … Read more

Recent 70th Birthday Party

  The Spit Roast Company Pty Ltd January 7 at 11:29 AM This Buffet was for a 70th Birthday colourful & generous offerings, served hot in their home, waterside for approx 50 guests…. 2 1 share

Another 70th Birthday waterside

This Buffet was decorated for a 70th Birthday, they seem to be quite abundant, don’t they?

Recent Wedding Catered on 14th Jan 19

The Spit Roast Company Pty Ltd 34 mins ·  Buffet Catering A recent Wedding we catered for to the loveliest couple and their families. It was a lovely day, but everyone commented on our BBQ Spare Ribs and how tender they were, they couldn’t get enough even though we supplied twice the normal amount, they all … Read more