Commonly asked Wedding Planning Questions asked by Couples.

Expert Advice As a wedding professional, The Spit Roast Company offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.GET EXPERT ADVICE As a vegan, should I be expected to serve animal products at my wedding? The Spit Roast Company Not if you dont want to…. But if your … Read more

10 Best Caterers 21-2022 on Sunshine Coast

When it comes to the practical experience of a wedding reception, few things end up being more important than the catering. Shaping the bulk of the wedding reception experience, the dining process lasts all the way from the cocktail hour to the cake cutting and dessert procession, so food plays a large and looming role … Read more

Booking with a Sunshine coast Caterer-Easy Guide 2022

With us, as Caterers we have a simple 5 step process for our clients: 1. We put as much information as possible on our Web site, for most to select or download our Menus or view our Pig on a Spit Page so that when you call us, you will have an idea of what … Read more