Terms and Conditions

Terms of Trade

The Spit Roast Company Pty Ltd
Phone: (07) 5477 1650 Mobile: 0431-770-735
P.O.Box 443, Mooloolaba 4557
ABN No: 43132274189
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Health License FH08/0051
July , 2011

TERMS OF TRADE:- Please print off your copy

1. Please fill in the Booking Confirmation sheet and return to us along with deposit to reserve your function date. We will also take a separate deposit if you book Atetes Hawaiian Troupe Entertainment. Atetes dance troupe take responsibility for any damage or risk caused by herself or her dancers before, during and after each show. Atete is responsible for all collection of balance of payment for her shows from the client.

2. The required deposit is listed on each menu and is required to reserve & confirm your booking. Part payments can be made to reach $1250.00 minimum deposit for all Weddings within an agreed time frame.

3. If a deposit is paid prior to return of the signed booking Form, it will be deemed as an acceptance of our quote sent to you, and no deposit refund policy would apply, and would be deemed as a firm acceptance of our Terms & Conditions below.

4. The balance of the account is to be paid prior to the function date, less your deposit. We need to know, in advance, your chosen method of payment. We accept, Internet transfer, cash or Club Cheque (only if cleared 5 days prior to the function) or unless other payment arrangements have been agreed to on the booking form.

5. Please phone, our office two weeks (14 days) prior to your function to confirm guest numbers and menu selection for casual parties.

Final number for Weddings are required a firm 1 month prior. An increase in numbers can be increased up to 5 days prior to the function. A decrease in numbers are limited, & can only be made 1 month prior for weddings, prior to the function date if a special price deal or conditions has been awarded, or minimum numbers booked have been agreed to,  then adjustments in numbers would not apply.

6. We ask that you supply 3 trestle tables and a well lit, sheltered area, allowing protection from the elements(with a power outlet nearby if possible) for serving your buffet, 2-3 trestle tables for food preparation. More for larger functions.

7.  If for a Wedding, it is possible for our staff to serve the bridal table (max 8-10) for a fee of $85.00 cover of staff costs.

8. We require the buffet and preparation areas to be undercover, & have access to hot/cold water, sink & refrigeration, portable or otherwise.

9. Please supply a hot water urn for your tea and coffee, if it is part of your function.

10. Staff will arrive 3-4  hours prior to your service time to cook and prepare you’re your function.

11. If delays to the time of service occur beyond 1/4 an hour, a charge of $15 per staff member will apply.

12. A 15% surcharge applies to any Public Holiday or Holiday long weekend eg. Easter Menu prices do not apply, P .O .A. For 22nd  December thru to 5th January.

13. For food safety reasons, all leftover food must be disposed of. However if suitable containers and refrigeration are supplied, then the food can be left for continued enjoyment. All food left at your function becomes the responsibility/risk, borne by the customer.  All food safety standards are kept in check right up to the time the Caterers leave the premises.

14. In the event that the services of a mercantile agency has to be engaged by The Spit Roast Company to collect any unpaid money, all expenses & charges will be borne by the purchaser. As final payment is usually due 1 week prior to your function, unless other payment arrangements are in place, it wont pose a problem. 

15. In the event that terms of trade are not adhered to, & we don’t receive the balance of monies prior to the function food being served, “The Spit Roast Company Pty Ltd” reserves the right to cancel the function and recover costs. The customer would then waive their rights to ownership to any food (goods) purchased for the function or any deposit that may have been paid.

16. If a solid no. of guests have been booked for a special agreed price, numbers can only be increased, for an extra charge, not decreased if guests dont turn up as food has already been ordered & the set fee still applies. Extra guests that turn up unexpectedly, will incur a price per head above the agreed set price.

17. With all Budget Menus for minimum guests or more, a staff fee applies and per extra staff member every 40 guests @ $180.00 each. Chef $350.00 No exceptions. Most likely 3 staff extra are needed unless the no. of guests exceed 60-80+ guests depending on what services are ordered. Please see your quote for Staff expected to be needed for your occasion and order.

18. All budget menus require the chefs services, if over 40 guests an extra staff assistant to chef if required, and is charged out at $180.00    For Weddings we have a staff team cost, see your quote for details.

19. We reserve the right, for our staff, to pack up and leave any function where guests or hosts are behaving badly,(by our judgement)without physical proof(sine physica experimentum), verbally or otherwise. Or if  our staff are made to feel intimidated, in any way (belittling or  confrontational, argumentative or raised voices etc).  All rights to  food or services or refunds are waived under those circumstances.  No exceptions.

Property Access: 
20. If we are presented where only 4WD access to the catering area eg. Drive across wet lawn acreage the host will need to supply an alternate sheltered (from rain) area in which the buffet can be cooked and served that may be closer to a sealed road as our vehicles are not 4WD.

Regarding Weather Conditions:
This responsibility is borne by the venue owner or the host, to supply shelter from rain eg. Covered walkways, Shed or loading Dock in which the delivery Van can back directly up to. Cooked or prepared food cannot be carried in the rain in order to get to the guests. Loading and unloading of any equiptment in the rain and walking distances carrying equiptment in wet conditions will not be accepted. In this situation Marquees close to the easy sheltered access are recommended for all.

If an alternative cannot be reached we reserve the right to have the ultimate final say, as to the conditions underwhich we work.

21. We reserve the right to change menus periodically as part of maintaining the best offerings to you, our clients. If a selected item on a menu choosen by our client, is not available from our suppliers, a glorious substitute will be found and included on the day of your booked catered occassion.

Severe Weather Conditions: 
22. If in the case of SEVERE WEATHER CONDITIONS, being violent storm activity or FLOODING OR BLOCKED ROAD ACCESS to the Venue, we would required a comprehensive back-up plan or emergency alternate venue Plan in case of not being able to access the venue . An alternate road access map to the venue may be necessary for us and guests alike. We ask that emergency phone contact be given to us so last minute changes can be told to us. If all measeures have been taken for us to attend & conditions still detains us from Catering on that day, the contract is deemed to be fulfiiled by us.


The Spit Roast Company reserves the right to not refund deposits under these following conditions:

1. Where the client has booked a date, for a buffet or service at a discounted rate or added value deal, and then cancels, deposits are forfeited.

2. Where another buffet for another client has been sacrificed, in order to keep the date booked & held for you, deposits are non-refundable if cancelled.

And if business has been lost (where bookings have been refused) due to the date being solidly booked, and client cancels, deposits are forfeited.

3. Deposits are non- refundable when the Client, signs the booking confirmation form, that states that deposits are non-refundable, upon signing, that then makes the client aware that deposits are non-refundable and that they agree with our Refund policy within our Terms and Conditions stated on/in our website www.thespitroastcompany.com.au

4. All Deposits for Weddings are non-refundable, to cover time and planning. A small additional Administration fee of $120 may apply above the minimum deposit.ee of $120 may apply above the minimum deposit.

 5. All deposits on all bookings including periodical payments, towards the final balance, are non-refundable if cancelled by the customer.

6. All functions OR Services must be paid for in full, if cancelled within 2 weeks of the function or service date.

The Spit Roast Company Allergen Policy

The Spit Roast Company recognizes that food allergies, in some instances, may be severe and even occasionally life-threatening. The foods most likely to cause allergic reactions are peanuts, tree nuts, dairy products, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, and shell-fish.  Although most food allergies produce symptoms that are uncomfortable, persons with allergies to the above-listed foods can suffer more serious consequences.  We do at times serve foods containing peanuts or tree nuts that are labeled “manufactured in a facility with nuts” in the kitchen on site, which cannot be avoided.

 Clients responsibility of reporting Food Allergies:

In the case of a client or guest with any multiple or unusual allergies, the company will require the host/client or family to provide supplemental food and snacks to ensure the guests safety and experience.

 As our facilities are limited when on-site, we do not attempt to prepare allergen free food products or dishes, for certain guests. However when informed we do make note of the allergy, upon our booking form for supervisory purposes.

 Company Procedures:

Kitchen employees are trained regarding safe food handling practices to avoid cross contamination. Food service employees wear gloves and gloved hands are washed or changed during extended use to avoid cross contamination.

We make note of guests with food allergies verbally with staff so as to keep a watch during food service buffet area and maintain knowledge of which food products contain allergens with staff. 

 PLEASE NOTE: The Spit Roast Company event on-site kitchen and staff is only responsible for the food that we prepare and serve.  We are not liable for outside snacks or meals brought by other guests.

 Emergency Action Plan:

Guests who may accidentally be exposed to a food allergen will be treated by paramedics called by “000” either by us or the host at the event. They will be administered any drug or substance prescribed by a doctor to relieve effects of the allergen.

In the event of a food allergy emergency, The Spit Roast Company staff will immediately contact the director, manager, or Food Safety Supervisor on site and assign someone to gather non-involved participants and remove them from the scene.

Emergency services will be contacted immediately and preliminary first aid will be administered by the host or qualified guest or staffer.ng.