Do Brides give positive reviews to their Caterers often enough

We find in the general catering industry, that although brides are very happy with their Caterer’s performance on the night, they may say thanks on the night, but forget that the written testimonial is greatly valued by all the people that pull off the most brilliant night of their life.  It’s no mean feat.  Behind … Read more

6 Little known wedding origin historical facts

• The word ‘groom’ is, likely, from the Old English word ‘guma’ which means ‘man’. • Similarly, the word ‘bride,’ likely, has its roots in the Proto-Indo-European word ‘weip,’ which means to turn, twist or wrap.  • A recent survey showed that trust was the essential element for most couples in a marriage. Trust was … Read more

9 Wedding Costs most Brides forget

Pulling off the perfect wedding is all about organisation – and planning, right down to the colour of the bridesmaids’ nails and who will be carting home all the wedding presents at the end of your big day. But, no matter how organised a couple may be, there will always be a few little somethings … Read more