4 helpful tools to plan your Wedding

Here’s 4 helpful tools you will need for planning your wedding.

To Do List

The “Easy Weddings” To Do List makes planning your wedding a simple and enjoyable process. The To Do List allows couples to create an extensive list tailored to their wedding. It’ll suggest what timeframe couples should allow to find and book certain vendors, and give helpful hints and tips leading up to the big day.

You can edit the list, create new tasks, make notes and share your wedding planning progress with friends on Facebook. Every time a task is completed, brides and grooms can check them off their lists.

Click here to create your To Do List. 

Budget Calculator

Weddings can very quickly and easily become bigger than Ben Hur. To avoid this, couples are recommended to create a budget and stick to it throughout the planning process.

The Budget Calculator helps by suggesting what the average Australian couple will spend on certain vendors, and allowing brides and grooms to tailor their budget to suit the wedding they are planning.

To begin, couples should identify what vendors hold utmost importance and use the Budget Calculator to allocate a larger amount of the stipulated budget to them. That way, couples can avoid blowing their budget and spending more than they previously expected.

Click here to create and use your Budget Calculator.

Guest List

The Guest List tool allows couples to built their guest list online. The tool encourages couples to flag dietary requirements and whether the guest is bringing children, and add special notes under the guest, such as which side of the family they are on, for future reference.

Click here to create your Guest List.

Seating Planner

The Seating Planner works with the Guest List tool. This awesome tool allows couples to easily arrange their tables and where everyone sits. When the seating plan is complete, brides and grooms can print out the plan and use it for the big day.

Click here to create your Seating Plan.

Now you have the 4 staple tools every bride and groom needs to plan their wedding. Click here for some awesome extras guaranteed to make wedding planning a breeze!