How to Stage a Rocking Great Wedding during Covid Rules.

One way to not miss out on the day of your dreams during Covid-19 is to turn your wedding into a backyard reception! 

For the most part, you can plan your backyard reception as you would under any other circumstances – like when there’s not a global pandemic – with just a few tweaks like these.

1. Offer your guests a Sanitation Station

First and foremost, you want to make sure that your guests are well when they arrive at your wedding and do not show any symptoms of Covid-19 like fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

Instead of calling them all beforehand, offer a Sanitation Station at your backyard reception. 

This includes a touchless temperature check and a quick review of symptoms. If anyone exhibits signs of Covid-19 ask them to visit the nearest testing center to get checked for their own safety! 

Ask a few close friends for help with getting other guests’ temperature readings. 

Once they pass the initial screening, offer individual bottles of hand-sanitizer, and encourage your guests to sanitize or wash their hands frequently throughout your backyard reception. 

2. Encourage social distancing

Follow the most up-to-date CDC recommendations when it comes to the number of guests you should invite to your backyard reception. 

Let your guests know that their health and safety is your main priority and that there will be no hurt feelings if they are uncomfortable with in-person gatherings and prefer to stay at home. 

Then, for those guests who choose to come to your backyard reception and pass the Sanitation Station, offer seating and mingling opportunities by putting out lawn chairs 6ft apart from each other or spray paint “X” for spots on which to stand while still obeying social distancing rules. 

3. Choose individually pre-packaged snacks

Instead, go with individually pre-packaged snacks to avoid cross-contamination between your guests accessing the food. 

If you plan a casual backyard reception, offer individual mini bags of chips and a pre-packaged bag of food like a roast Beef & Gravy Roll. Don’t forget to throw in some individually wrapped condiments, and a cookie.

For a more elegant backyard reception, find a caterer that can provide meals under a COVID SAFE Plan. Caterers can offer their clients the chance to invite higher numbers of guests, normally offered to private citizens. Covid certification, Infection control Training and be Covid Compliant, just ask your Caterer.

To Manage a Covid safe Backyard Wedding, ask your Wedding Planner or Celebrant, whom will have the knowledge and ability to roam about on the night and supervise contact tracing before guests enter.

Try to include options for your guests to choose from. Ask your Caterer for suggestions on location of the Food offerings.

And don’t forget about the drinks! 

Mason jars are a great option for individually prepared drinks for your guests. They can mark their name on the glass and be sure that nothing gets in the drink.

4. Livestream the whole thing! 

Set up a technology area where you stream your backyard reception for those guests who chose to stay at home via Zoom.

Other guests can even interact with them, too. But make sure to ask them not to touch your computer surfaces and still adhere to social distancing.

5. Keep your guests in the loop with WedTexts

If Covid-19 has taught us one thing, it’s that THINGS CHANGE. 

When the inevitable strikes and you have to make a change to your backyard wedding, keep your guests in the loop with WedTexts. 

Take advantage of easy pre-scheduled or real-time WedTexts instead of adding more to your already full plate. Skip the having to reach out to your guests individually. 

In conclusion, Wedtexts is the ONLY thing getting you through your wedding during Covid-19.

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