Do Caterers supply Plates?

Most will supply Caterers quality plastic plates, or for a charge will supply crockery.

If not, your event hire company can supply these for you, but still co-ordinate with your 

caterer as to what size plate they recommend, for what meals they are creating for you.

For example if there is a wet dish being served, a flat plate may not work especially for

desserts a 5″ bowl may be needed.  If for a tart like dessert, a flat 7″ round works well

(So that the meal looks good on the plate itself when served)

Dinner plates commonly are 9″ /25cm round, but it pays to check for uncommonly large plates as it will effect portion control when it comes to a Buffet Dinner Reception.

The important Q’s to ask are: Will the caterer offer a Table collection/clearing service?


You need to ask, do you want them to wash the Plates & the charge associated with that.


Should you send the crockery back to the Event hire company, where they have washing facilities.  This would be especially suitable for Marquee Weddings where washing Facilities

on-site are scarce.

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