How Does Your Wedding Budget Compare To The Rest Of Australia?

If you are embarking on the journey that is planning your wedding, you might be wondering how much money you should expect to fork out for what’s widely considered one of the most important days of a married couple’s life together.

Between the months of September and October of 2018, Easy Weddings surveyed more than 4,100 Australian couples in our annual wedding survey. Here’s what couples who participated in the Easy Weddings 2019 Australian Wedding Industry Report had to say about their wedding budget.

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First, some stats

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 112,954 marriages took place across Australia in 2017. In the first six months following the legislation of same-sex marriage in Australia, 3,149 same-sex marriages were performed and legalised according to Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The average age of a bride is 28, with the groom 29.

59% of those surveyed will receive financial assistance from their parents, with 39% choosing to fund their wedding on their own.

wedding budget

Budgets Australia-wide

According to those surveyed, couples originally estimated an average budget of $22,055 for their wedding. During planning, they expected their wedding to amount an average of $26,895. Despite their initial budget and amended expectations, the average total cost of a wedding for Australian couples was $32,333.

An average of 9% of couples spend more than $60,000 on their wedding. This is broken down state by state with 14% of New South Wales couples spending more than $60,000, 10% in Victoria, 7% in New South Wales, 6% in Western Australia and 4% in Queensland.

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State by state

In New South Wales, 33% of all weddings cost an average of $36,082, followed closely by 27% of Victorian couples forking out an average of $33,891 for their special day.

10% of Western Australian couples spend an average of $29,024 followed by 2% of Tasmanian couples spend an average of $28,948. Next in line are South Australian couples, with 7% forking out an average of $28,606. We then have 18% of Queensland couples spending around $24,759 and 1% of Northern Territory couples spending around $24,600. Lastly, 2% of Australian Capital Territory weddings cost an average of $23,339.


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What do they spend most on?

According to the survey findings, Australian couples use most of their wedding budget on securing their dream venue, paying an average of $15,264.

Second biggest expense is catering, with couples forking out an average of $9,666 for their delicious wedding meal.

Couples are willing to pay an average of $2,963 for a reputable photographer, and $2,702 for a videographer.

After spending an average of $5,147 on the engagement ring, brides dedicate an average of $2,649 to purchasing their dream wedding dress, with grooms spending $1,449 on their formal wear.

Average celebrant cost is $721, wedding hire is $1,531, music $1,651, transport $1,295, decorations $1,529, flowers $1,618 and cakes $537.

Brides are willing to pay an average of $740 for hair and makeup services, and $814 for bridesmaids dresses.

wedding budget