Top 10 Wedding Theme Style Guide

The most popular wedding themes


The rustic wedding has almost become the traditional wedding theme of modern day couples. Rustic settings such as older buildings, farms and cellar doors really play with this theme and give it a more relaxed charm. With more couples choosing to have their day focused on them and having fun, this relaxed feel is becoming increasingly important.

We’re also seeing more styling pop up that is designed to give that rustic look even if it is new. So it’s the perfect combination and theme for someone going for an older venue on a budget, or something new that still gives the vibe they want.

popular wedding themes

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If you’re describing your wedding you do want to think of it as romantic, and a lot of weddings are starting to use this as their theme. Think natural golden lighting for your photos, and elements such as warm festoon or fairy lighting throughout your wedding and venue to add that romantic and magical touch.

Romantic weddings have a bit of the traditional element to them as well, focusing on the love of the couple and using traditions such as the first dance to highlight these.

popular wedding themes

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With more of a focus on rustic weddings it makes sense that garden and outdoor weddings are growing in popular as both a primary and secondary theme to complement the outdoor elements. With the popularity of dark and moody colours couples are forgoing the winter elements to capture those deep and moody wedding photos.

popular wedding themes

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There will always be a place for the traditional white wedding and this is it. Classic and traditional weddings are the second most popular theme when it comes to looking at primary wedding themes alone.

Steeped in tradition these are more likely to be hosted at a dedicated reception centre, where 36% of weddings are hosted. And while a church or chapel might be considered the most traditional, classic outdoor ceremonies are also popular for couples focusing on this theme.

popular wedding themes

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Contemporary and glamorous

Also known as luxe weddings, contemporary and glamorous themes are being used more as the primary focus of a wedding. Couples who really want to add that wow factor and give their guests something to remember are focusing on those glam elements and aesthetics.

Large floral installations are big when it comes to what is considered modern at the moment, and these are being paired with those big moments such as pyrotechnics on the dancefloor.


Fewer couples are having vintage weddings than in previous years. However, some of the most popular themes such as rustic and boho chic weddings focus on including these vintage elements in weddings.

Vintage details pair well with the rustic elements to create a well-rounded aesthetic, while bohemian weddings focus on vintage furniture and old-word lace designs that are very vintage-esque.

popular wedding themes

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Boho chic

Bohemian weddings are still a bit hit and growing in popularity as boho elements are incorporated into more weddings and styles.

One particular style we’ve seen rise in popularity over the last year is not just the boho chic look, but the boho beach wedding. Arbours, greenery and bare feet pair well with beach settings so it’s no wonder that we’re seeing more couples choosing this when it comes to their wedding style.

popular wedding themes

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Look, we get it. Australia is surrounded by beaches, but our weather can be a bit unpredictable depending on where you are. So while there are some areas of the country that are incredibly popular for beach weddings, others are less so.

That said, beach weddings still make the top 10 list and are a lot more popular here than they are around the world. When you’re surrounded by gorgeous coastline though, who can blame us?

popular wedding themes

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While a lot of couples wouldn’t consider their wedding as DIY themed, they are looking at DIY as their secondary focus. This usually comes down to a lot of decorations and styling for the big day as influences like Instagram and Pinterest make us want to show off, without the price tag.

If you are looking at DIYing some elements of your wedding though make sure you’ve looked into your purchase, hire and DIY options. Some elements may actually end up costing you more if you do them yourself.

popular wedding themes

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Rounding off the list of our most popular wedding themes are vineyard weddings. While they may be less popular that they previously were, winery weddings still make up 19% of all wedding venues as the second most popular type of venue.

The difference is that more couples use the vineyard as their setting rather than incorporating it into their theme. They might still classify their wedding as rustic and romantic, rather than solely focusing on the vineyard.

popular wedding themes