Wedding Lanterns & decorative party supplies


This is for those who are decorating a hall, or marquee, or even an open spaced area. I have just discovered a fantastic wedding & party supply shop.

They have organza, ribbons, themed party decorations, lighting, table decorations, water beads, its a never ending selection. 

I usually wonder where most brides find their decorations as there are so many places one can go.  Garage Sales, Gumtree, EBay, private ads, and some party shops that can be quite generic. 

But when I find a supplier that excels all expectations, & offers uniquely different stock that would be exciting to those who are creative & for those that love their gadgets, I let all of you out there, know the news.

Check out their site, they are in Brisbane, but an order over $40 is shipped free, so reasonable.  Here is their link.

Or Call 1300 024 778

Have fun with this one.