Wedding Myths. Brides surveyed

You will cry – a lot

There seems to be an expectation that the bride and groom will both tear up on their journey towards “I do”. And for many couples that can be the case as they get caught up in the emotion of moments such as trying on your wedding gown for the first time, or choosing the rings. But there’s no equation that says people who cry are the only truly happy ones. Everyone expresses themselves in different ways, so if you find yourself plastering a joyful smile across your face instead of reaching for a hanky, we say go for it.

Weddings need cheesy music

Almost no one is immune to the dancefloor lure of Abba’s Dancing Queen. Or even the Nutbush City Limits. But while some couples wouldn’t consider a playlist complete without a healthy dose of cheesy tunes, there’s nothing to say they’re a must. In fact there’s something refreshing about a couple who want to use their music to tell a story in an entirely original fashion, and who will trust their DJ to blend the classic and the modern, the funky and the slow to encourage people to their feet. So give them your ideas on mood and your not-to-play list and let them go. You may find the night is all the better for it.

Wedding food is all about meat and three veg…

We all know the classic menu story of meat and three veg. But these days, traditional food can be the exception, as well as the rule. Modern chefs who cater for weddings are incredibly versatile and innovative with what they offer. Yes, you could do a three-course sit-down meal, but you could also have a home-style barbecue, gorgeous food stations, dessert tables and midnight snacks. In short, if you want to bring your favourite food to the party, there’s a way to match your will.

Wedding planners are expensive and unnecessary

Television and movies have helped create a wonderful mystique around wedding planners, and the ways in which they help to create dream wedding days. But alongside this can come an expectation that they are expensive, which is not necessarily the case. As with anything, you get what you pay for, and far from being unnecessary, they can save you time, money, effort – and STRESS – while also bringing a passion for weddings and a sense of creativity that makes every cent worthwhile. We’re talking keeping vendors organised, tracking a budget, negotiating deals with vendors and even giving an honest opinion on menu choices. And who wouldn’t want a helping hand like that?

There must be an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen

If one of you has your heart set on more attendants than the other, it can be tempting to feel as though you have to match up the numbers. But no one really wants to have someone standing beside them at the altar just to even out the ranks, and these days, there’s no need. After all, attendants are quite capable of walking the recessional alone, the photographer can work with any size wedding party, the first dance can draw in a parent or usher if needed and the head table can be set as required. If you do go down the path of uneven numbers in the bridal party, just keep in mind that the downside will be that you may have partner-less attendants, which means they won’t be able to participate in everything – and may feel a little lonely on the day.

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