What is a vow book ?

Currently trending: what is a vow book?

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A vowbook is essentially just that – a little notebook to put your vows in. Whether you decide to purchase one for each of you or make your own; it serves two very important purposes that you’ll be glad of both on your wedding day, and after.

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The first purpose is it takes the pressure off remembering your self written vows, if that’s the route you’ve chosen. Increasingly couples are choosing to forgo the ‘til death do us part’ well-worn tradition and create something unique. Either separately or together they’re writing vows that better reflect them as a couple, their values, and their love. Of course, reciting this can require a feat of memory that not everyone is up to on such a highly emotionally charged day. As all good planners know, better to have it on hand if you need it, than need it and not have it…Most of these books are small enough to fit in a suit pocket or bridal clutch bag!

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The second is, it becomes a keepsake of the vows you and your betrothed recited right at the beginning of your marriage when your whole lives together were ahead of you. The reality is, even in the best marriage there will be days or moments when it might not hurt to revisit those promises! Not to mention, a beautiful little book will feel so much more special and will be easier to keep track of than a scrap of paper or a post-it.

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There are a lot of pretty and customizable options available on Etsy, including ones that will say your name or a chosen phrase, and in a variety of styles – whimsical, cute, elegant, minimal and more. If however, you’ve got the attention to detail of a bird of prey eyeing up a mouse from 400 metres, and want everything to match your theme, talk to your Invitation supplier about their options too.

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Another idea if you are into craft or have a deft hand with the calligraphy brush, you could always make your own! It would be a great present to your groom or bride to be.  Think outside the box; it doesn’t have to strictly be a book, it could be a box, a hollowed out book…get creative!