Tips for Brides

How much should I spend on external catering?

When it comes to your wedding day we’re definitely seeing more of an emphasis on good, personalised food. With the changes in how millennials are planning their weddings, we’ve also seen more wedding venues pop up that are just that, a wedding venue. These venues aren’t like traditional reception centres that offer everything from the … Read more

How to include your step parents on your wedding day

Stepparents, bonus parents, chosen parents, whatever you’d like to call them, if you’re lucky enough to have a great relationship with a parental figure that isn’t blood-related, then you may want to honour them on your wedding day to avoid them feeling left out. Here are some ways you can include your step parents on … Read more

46 Stunning Wedding Style ideas

46 stunning style ideas to inspire your wedding planning Finding your perfect wedding style and theme isn’t always easy, because there are so many different options to choose from! Do you want a luxurious but beachy wedding? A rustic alternative theme? Or a classic and romantic day? Whatever you’re after, we’ve gone through the most … Read more

Winter wedding tips for the 2019/20 season

Winter wedding tips for the 2019/20 season If you’re getting married this winter, or are considering a winter wedding in the future, then the chances are you’ll be looking at weddings this winter to help plan your big day. So to help you out, we’ve surveyed more than 230 couples who are getting married this … Read more

How to host a Wedding Brunch

If you’re planning on spending a little extra time with your guests, then a post wedding brunch is the way to do it. As we had our wedding in the country, secluded from everything, we planned a next-day brunch so we could see a little more of our guests. The day/night really does go as … Read more

Outdoor Weddings- Pros and Cons you need to know

Thinking of hosting a wedding beneath the stars? Here’s a few of the pros and cons outdoor weddings bring up. Pros Celebrate beneath the stars If you are hoping to create a truly magical event, a wedding beneath the stars is the best way to go. String up hundreds of fairy lights, have outdoor fire … Read more

5 things about your marriage to keep between you and your spouse

Marriage is tricky, there’s no doubt about it. There are definitely times where you may want to go and blab about every little detail or issue to all of your friends. Or even put it in a passive aggressive IG story. But here are five examples of when you should reconsider oversharing and consider keeping your … Read more

How to keep the top tier of your wedding cake

If you’re planning on keeping your top tier and freezing it to eat on your first wedding anniversary, then you’re going to need to know exactly how to go about it! We asked the experts how to freeze the top tier to ensure the best tasting cake. Frosted Indulgence From The Wild – Vegan & … Read more

These are the 8 most unexpected wedding trends of 2019

According to Etsy, these are the trends that couples are shopping for their 2019 weddings – and some of them really are quite unexpected. Here are the 8 most unexpected wedding trends of 2019: Veil alternatives Think headbands, weaving vine accessories, leather crowns, crystal hair pieces, and lace accents. You can find wedding accessories suppliers … Read more

Wedding shoe game questions for your reception

If you’re planning on playing the “wedding shoe game” at your reception, you will need a list of questions for your host or MC to ask you. If you’re not sure what the wedding shoe game is, it’s a game played at the reception where you and your new spouse sit back to back on … Read more